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Mobile Office Vehicle, Inc. was founded in the summer of 1993 by Charles E. Lippert. Its original focus was on mobile offices permanently installed in mini-vans (MO-V). This unique product gained national attention and was featured in Newsweek Magazine, “This Morning” on CBS, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

In 1995 an inventor from California brought the AutoExec mobile desk idea to the company. A royalty deal was signed and the first redesigned desk was introduced. The product was picked up by such famous catalogs as The Sharper Image and The Herrington Enthusiast. From that single product lead the development of several other models of desks that still today remain a core focus as over 100,000 units have been sold worldwide. From that success other products suited for people who work in non-traditional offices evolved. The MO-V product was phased out and the company was renamed Mobile Office, Inc.

Today the AutoExec brand is gaining international attention with distribution in several countries, national retailers and many e-commerce companies.

As AutoExec continues to innovate, grow their line of products and develop other markets, they strive to be the very best.

Our corporate headquarters is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan