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Owen Wade is the Chief Executive Officer of Working Mobile. He founded Working Mobile after spending much of his construction career travelling to different sites on a daily basis. He often needed a space to prepare for meetings and organize himself, invariably spending hours of the day working in cafes and his car, when time and distance for heading back to his office was not an option.

Owen started thinking of ideas about how to be comfortable in his vehicle whilst working, and after some time he found AutoExec Incorporated that had been successfully making car desks available in the US for a number of years. He and the AutoExec team worked to develop the car desk product so it would be suitable for the Australian and right hand drive market which has resulted in Working Mobile being the sole distributor for the AutoExec car desk in the Australian and right hand drive market.

Working Mobile’s head office is located in Diamond Creek, a small leafy suburb on the outskirts of Melbourne Victoria and aims to provide unique solutions for improving the productivity, efficiency and comfort of mobile workers. People who work from their cars all day have difficulty making effective use of the time in between appointments, as they lack a comfortable working environment. We help by providing products that enable a vehicle to be both a method of getting from A to B and a comfortable mobile office space. Our car desks and tote bags enable workers to feel at home while on the road, and minimizes the need for staff to complete their day’s work at home after hours.

Working Mobile is the sole distributor for the AutoExec car desk in the Australian market