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CarNap Napkin Holder


CarNap Napkin Holder

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Clean up with Car Nap – Stop using your tissues to clean-up after eating. Finally, a napkin holder for your car that actually works. Car Nap is a unique, stylish, easy to use mobile napkin holder that dispenses napkins or tissues whenever you need them. Car Nap comes with 2 hooks that will hold any grocery bag so you have a convenient trash bag right next to you while you travel down the road. Car Nap secures to your headrest or center console in a matter of seconds and with the small profile and dark color, Car Nap is unobtrusive and matches any vehicle interior.

  • Creates a convenient napkin/tissue dispenser in your vehicle
  • 2-hooks convert your everyday grocery bag into a convenient waste can
  • Adjustable strap easy to secure around fitting console or headrest with Velcro
  • Fits standard kitchen napkins
More Information
Product Length (Inches) 7.5
Product Width (Inches) 7.5
Product Height (Inches) 0.5
Product Weight (LBS) 1

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