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The term "Mobile Worker" can have many different meanings depending on your job and how you work. Whether your office is in the home, a coffee shop, on a plane or in a vehicle, you are a mobile worker. AutoExec has been creating mobile office solutions for more than 20 years and when we first started this company, the term "mobile office" was practically unheard of. Today, the world we work in is very different from back then. With so many options to choose from, your technology is more than a tool, it’s a lifeline.

Our first product was a vehicle desk or "car desk" and in the early days, we only needed one model. As technology improved, the space in the vehicle as an "office", became validated by the mobile workers need for organization, storage, efficiency and most importantly, safety. From over two dozen vehicle desk combinations to our growing line of bags and bag accessories, to the tablet and phone mounts provided by RAM Mounts (one of AutoExec’s valued suppliers), the mobile office is now fully realized.

In 2014 AutoExec opened our custom shop - a department designed to provide custom solutions for the many different solutions in our mobile office channel. We are only limited by our imagination and we are very creative at AutoExec. Moving forward, we will expand our offering into the Home Healthcare Market and continue to create unique solutions in existing channels. As you navigate through our website, please take time to view all of the products and services. I hope you enjoy the experience and welcome you to the world of the mobile worker.


David Lippert

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I purchased a AutoExec work desk for my car about 11 years ago. I would highly recommend this to anyone that works out of their car. It organizes everything, so I can get ready for my appointments, I always get compliments on it and I have referred many people to make the investment to get one. Great quality product, You have a customer for life!


I really enjoyed speaking with you yesterday. The purpose of my call yesterday was to order a replacement Velcro strap for my AutoExec Roadmaster laptop desk. It had not "failed", but I had literally worn the strap out after many years of use on the road. I am one of a dying breed: A wholesale HVAC salesperson, serving customers in an area that covers about 25% of North Carolina.

I consider myself to be a "High-Tech Redneck." Even though I drive a car with over a quarter million miles on it, I enjoy being organized and efficient in my sales duties. Having the laptop on the AutoExec RoadMaster laptop desk allows me to bring my office on the road with me everywhere I go. The laptop is connected via WiFi to my mobile hotspot, so I am always connected!

I have used this RoadMaster laptop desk for at least six (6) years. Prior to using your mobile desk, I used a permanent mount laptop stand by JottoDesk. Your RoadMaster mobile laptop desk works better for me because of its portability and design. I have added a few features to mine, customizing it for my use. I added an Inverter in the storage underneath to power the laptop. I also attached a rechargeable flashlight to the front of the desk. Underneath the desk is also a strong magnet which holds my concealed handgun (I am licensed) in a safe, but accessible manner. The storage on top holds my file folders that I am working with, ink pens, hair brush (I always have to look my best for my clients), and my Epi-Pen for emergencies. And if you were wondering, I NEVER "type and drive"; I am "That guy" you see pulled off of the interstate working on his laptop.

You see, I would be lost without my RoadMaster mobile laptop desk by AutoExec. It helps to define me as a true "High-Tech Redneck"

Keep up the good work! Don't change anything on your product. It works great!

Charlie, Territory Manager, Eastern NC

I have been working in the financial services / insurance industry for 5 years. I found myself traveling in a 200 mile radius servicing my clients in small groups as I traveled through their area. Before I knew it my home office moved from my basement to my car, because it was more productive and efficient for me to stay mobile as it keeps me active in the community while on the go rather than hiding in my office emailing and making phone calls. Staying mobile also cut out wasted time traveling from appointment to office to appointment and so on. Initially I used a laptop bag to prop my devices on or stacks of brochures. I was never able to find the perfect height and was always disorganized. Sitting in my car with my laptop propped on a paper box filled with customer files I started searching the internet for desks that fit in the car. That’s when I found the AutoExec Roadmaster and purchased immediately from the AutoExec Customer Service Representative who was very friendly and ready to help. I used the Roadmaster for 2 years before I decided to look and see if there was anything new. That’s when I found the gripmaster with the pull out writing surface, so I placed the order immediately and received it at my front door faster than expected. The AutoExec Gripmaster has provided me with extra working surface to organize my work and take notes as well as provide the perfect height for my laptop to sit on the non-sliding surface. This allows me to stay on the go to better service all of my clients while maintaining a comfortable and efficient work environment. I would highly recommend the Roadmaster or the Gripmaster to anyone that may need to use a laptop/tablet in between meetings with prospects or clients. It’s less expensive than a brick and mortar office rental, it keeps me from hiding in an office behind email and a phone and gives me more time to build face to face customer relations.

Thanks AutoExec!

Mr. Gogetter

I work extensively out of my vehicle. Being organized is imperative to productivity in my field but can be challenging to achieve in a mobile environment. I was constantly searching for pens in the console but usually finding them on the floor mat and it was common to find myself watching helplessly as my files slid across the seat and dumped onto the floor. For a while I even resorted to using a bungee cord strapped around the console to hold my folders in place. Then I came across the AutoExec website and discovered the mobile office. It is the perfect solution! When I bought the Auto Desk I loved the design but I required some special modifications to the accessories in order to meet my specific needs. When I called and spoke with the staff proposing these modifications, they were wonderful! They considered my needs and designed a desk perfectly tailored to my workflow. The desk fits my vehicle beautifully and is easy to install. When I am not working, it is lightweight and easy to remove and store. I am now organized and efficient - I LOVE this product and wish I had come across it years ago! AutoExec products are the perfect solution for today's mobile workforce.

Janet, Brown Appraisal Services, Inc.

It's wonderful! I am so pleased with everything...from your customer service to the desk itself. I don't know how I stayed organized without it. And I have showed it off to so many friends and co-workers.

Thanks for going the extra mile


I love my Wheelmate Extreme! No longer am I getting leg ‘burns’ from having the laptop in my lap and my back even feels better from not twisting over to reach the laptop on my passenger seat.


I'd like to say Thank You Very Much to AutoExec, maker of my Roadcar Super 01. I drive for a living and rely heavily on my laptop when I'm between meetings. I was forever searching for coffee shops which was time consuming and inconvenient. I've been using this desk for only a week and I feel foolish for not having purchased one sooner. With the power inverter, I now send and receive emails without worrying if my laptop battery will die. I can type up notes and send emails quickly reducing the dreaded after hours activity. And because I can do things in relative real time, my work day ends much sooner.

As for the customer service, I had one small issue which they corrected quickly without any questions. I honestly don't know how or why a travelling rep. would not utilize this level of functionality for their business.


I've had my auto desk for 10 years. It has made working out of my car so much more efficient. I can organize all of my papers and access everything I need. I couldn't work without it!

Ed, Land O' Lakes, FL

Desk is nice storage and like that the power inverter is built in. The work surface is stable and easy to work on. Helps me to be more organized when working in the car. My laptop runs very hot, so moving it from my lap to the desk helps keep me cooler in the 115 degree weather.

Tom D, Insurance Sales Rep, CA

My review of the mobile desk is 3 words, "I'm better organized". I'm able to make more sales calls and less laptop work at home plus I no longer have papers, notebooks etc. flying around the vehicle. Thank you for making my job easier.

Dennis G, Safelite AutoGlass, OH