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Car Desks

Car Desks

Improve productivity while working remotely and increase ergonomics and, safety with the AutoExec car desk. A car desk is a vehicle workstation that seatbelts in the front passenger seat or in the backseat and converts your vehicle into a mobile office. Now you can design your own car desk by choosing from seven different finishes: grey, maple, mahogany, black as well as green and urban camouflage. In addition, we now have RealTreeĀ© Edge Camouflage. Weather you work in small sedan, a midsize crossover or, a larger truck, AutoExec has a car desk that will satisfy all road warriors mobile office needs.

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  1. RoadMaster Car
    As low as $235.00
  2. GripMaster
    As low as $235.00
  3. RoadMaster Truck
    As low as $248.00
  4. GripMaster Efficiency
    As low as $172.00
  5. FileMaster Efficiency
    As low as $179.00
  6. Reach Desk Front Seat
    As low as $354.00
  7. Reach Desk Back Seat
    As low as $442.00
  8. WheelMate
    As low as $25.00